Rainbow Textiles


Batik print is one of the traditional craft of the Kutch Region. This craft is practiced in Kutch at least since 125 years. Currently the 6th Generation of craftsmen of batik print is working in this workshop. Rainbow Textile was established in 2005 on division of Joint family of 70 members working for a single workshop. We are providing product to all over India. Though earlier all the batik was made using natural ingredient, modern reforms in after independence of India, synthetic dyes hijacked the market and with the flow we also started to make products in synthetic dyes to survive. Now, we want to revive the tradition of Making batik with Natural ingredients and dyes. We started experimenting since 2005, we have little bit of success and more of failure throughout the years. But now with experience from failure we are able to make batik in natural dyes and still experimenting to make it better. To create a sustainable and ecofriendly working environment.

( Made with Carrd )